Intelligence and intellect are different; yet they are connected in a subtle way.  In the material life it is difficult to survive with anyone of these.  They both are absolutely needed and they go hand in hand.  Let me point out some of the basic differences between the intelligence and intellect according to my view.

1. Intelligence is the base or source of this Universe.  Intelligence is the Universal consciousness or the complete awareness.  When I say awareness it is not the awareness state of the mind or brain.  It is beyond mind and brain; whereas, intellect is the information we gather using the intelligence.

2. Intelligence is infinite.  Intellect is always limited.  Whatever field it may be, one cannot gather information beyond a particular limit.  Human intellect functions only from the limited data it has gathered.

3. One can understand life as a whole only from intelligence.  If you understand life using intellect, then you will understand life partially. 

4. The experiences of the intelligence are permanent; whereas, the experiences of the intellect are temporary.  It changes with time.  When we gather a lot of information, it sometimes confuses us and makes us indecisive.  It gives us a false feeling that ‘I know everything’.  They live life with stagnated knowledge.  Today’s children have high intellectual knowledge; they are confused, ignorant and lack wisdom.  In this internet age it is very easy to gather information, but they do not have time to touch the intelligence by spiritual methods.

5. Intellect is absolutely needed for the material life.  It gives us the knowledge to discriminate, and it helps us to excel in the choice of our field.  It is the objective knowledge; whereas, intelligence is the subjective knowledge.  Intelligence and intellect are deeply interconnected.  Only by using intelligence one can gather information in the intellect; at the same time, without the intellect one cannot use or exhibit intelligence.  Only human beings have the capacity to use the intelligence.  The problem is some people take intellect as intelligence.

6. When people live their life only with intellectual knowledge, then they live a limited life.  The scripture says gather intellectual knowledge and work using intelligence, because only intelligence can give peace of mind.

7. Intellectual knowledge will have value only when you compare your knowledge with others.  If you do not have the same knowledge as others then your knowledge will either be appreciated or degraded; it depends on the knowledge of the other person.  This reflects in our personality and leads to either superiority or inferiority complex.  In material life a person is judged by wealth and intellect; whereas, intelligence makes one realize that every life is important in its own way.  Each life is a dot of energy in this infinite Universe and without which this Universe is not complete.

8. Intelligence makes you to think deeply and intellect is a great obstacle for that.  Intellect brings one to immediate conclusion by referring to past experiences and so intelligence is always hidden by the intellect. 

9. Intellect and ego are closely related.  For example, if the intellect decides that ‘I am an Indian’, then the intellect and ego revolve around it.  It immediately compares with other people and brings an idea of favoritism or disrespect for others.  Intellect and ego are used mainly for the physical existence.  It identifies with the physical body.  Basically we use intellect for survival that is for our physical health, to appease our hunger, and for our protection, for this we disturb the entire atmosphere using the intellect; whereas, intelligence is our true nature.  We are sat-chit-ananda Brahman.  However, this nature is covered by intellect.

10. It is not possible to know about all the objects or situations in the Universe.  If we have practiced touching the intelligence by meditation or by chanting mantras, then when the situation arises, intelligence will reveal the necessary knowledge to the intellect.  One can call it as a perfect guess or intuition.  Thus intelligence helps us to survive in any situation.

Without realizing the nature of the intelligence, we identify with the physical body, intellect, ego, and life in a limited circle of do’s and don’ts.  Only spirituality can help us realize our true nature which is pure intelligence.



Disciplining a young mind is very tough because young minds are very sensitive and at the same time very immature. While disciplining, a single wrong move will affect the future of the child drastically. Since the young children do not know to express their feelings properly, their inability is taken as an advantage by the elders both in the family and in the society. When a person approaches the child with maturity and love then it is very easy to handle them.

In the first place, the person disciplining the child must be an emotionally stable person; else their agitated emotions will affect the child in the wrong way. The next important thing is love for children is not only to confine the child in the high class coaching centers called schools and continuously taming them for higher grades. Today’s sophisticated education can only help a person earn millions and lead a luxurious life style; it is a question whether the education they attain can make them morally stable with humility and discipline. Love and care for the child includes giving the child the right education, to see whether they are guided by the right people, to see whether they take the right food, checking their behaviour and nature and whether they mingle with the right people. It is important to see whether they understand life in the correct sense. When a person cannot understand life, he cannot be a disciplined person. You can make a child to behave forcibly according to the social norms. However, this is not morality. This can make a person respectable in the society. A respectable person when he gets the right opportunity, due to his latent impressions, tries to behave in an unpleasant way according to favourable circumstances. At the same time, a morally stable person’s behaviour is always decent and stable under all circumstances.

Disciplining should be done with love. Discipline is not suppression of emotions. If you suppress the emotions, it will pop up in a better opportunity. For most of us, disciplining is suppression, conformity and imitation of the habits of the elders. When we follow the same groove set by the elders, we do not live life with understanding. When you suppress a person there is constant battle inside that person. When you deny the emotions with sensitivity, it becomes an immense problem. Suppressed mind unable to handle pressure escape into some other problem or become neurotic. A mind which is unable to tackle a problem, as you see in this world, becomes insensitive, fearful, self-centered and brutal.

In my view, a child must be taught the consequences of a wrong action. A child should not be condemned or punished out rightly. A child must be given opportunity to learn from his mistakes. While disciplining a child, he must be given respect and treated as an equal. Nowadays the behaviour of the elders while disciplining the child is more immature than the children.

Disciplining is a common act, but it involves maturity and sensitivity; else disciplining itself will become a root cause for many sick minded people in the society.


                            MORALITY VERSUS HUMANITY

Long time back we have forgotten humanity – a feeling of kindness and love towards the fellow humans, not for any particular reason but just for being a living being. Humanity is a natural feeling in us. Since we have forgotten humanity we have to be imposed with moral values. We are constantly comparing ourselves with others and judging ourselves based on the comparison. We identify ourselves with some values which we consider to be good and reject some set of values which we consider to be bad. In reality, there is no definite set of good or bad. What we consider as extremely bad is considered as tolerably good or sometimes very good by the passage of time. We impose a set of values on us and limit ourselves from expanding.

Morality is good since it gives a social order. A society is the reflection of its own people. If the people have morality then the society is called as the moral society. Morality is a set of rules which has to be imposed on the people because they have forgotten the humanity. Humanity is suppressed and distorted in many ways. At last, to bring social order morality has to be imposed. There is no need of morality if humanity were alive. When we have real concern for the fellow beings then there is no need for law and action or moral rules. We forget that the other humans living with us also have equal feeling and emotions like us. The idea of moral superiority has been the reason behind for many social injustices.

Morality differs from person to person, place to place, situations to situations and convenience. However humanity remains the same under all circumstances and time. Humanity makes us to expand to infinity. When we have humanity we feel the feelings and emotions of all. There is deep involvement in humanity, whereas morality limits us without any involvement with the others. Morality is only a set of do’s and don’ts. However, in today’s time it is extremely needed because without it the society will be in chaos.

Humanity brings out the divinity in a person and takes one to the core. Humanity does not have caste, creed, religion or nationality. However, morality has differences based on caste, creed, religion and nationality. What is moral in one society need not be the same in the other society. Humanity is a natural feeling. Spirituality brings out the long forgotten humanity in a person. Humanity cannot be imposed on a person. It is just bringing out our true nature. Humanity is the way of treating every one as equal and divine and accepting their shortcomings without discriminating them. Humanity liberates a person whereas morality entangles a person.





Everyone has an image about themselves irrespective of their age. Image is self made and it is subjective to change in different phases of life. Our circumstances in life, heredity, understanding about ourselves, and knowledge are the key factors which help us to form our image. Sometimes, family and the society force us to form an image. We are trained to form our image from the childhood. Once when we form our image, we always identify with that image and not with the Reality. Our personality is entirely dependent on our image. Our assumed image veils us from the Truth. We built this image for ourselves and for the society. We work hard to keep ourselves up to that image. We are forced to keep it up.

Image does not have any reality; it is only an illusion which helps us to survive. It is only a concept, idea and conclusion about us. We expect others to respect and recognize the image which we have formed about ourselves. When they fail to respect up to our expectation, there arises a conflict. We constantly compare our image with others image. If we feel that our image is better than the others image then we feel satisfied, else we feel dejected. Comparison leads to lot of problems and it is the main cause for our psychological disturbances.

When we talk to others, we actually talk to their image and not to that person in reality. A relationship is formed between the images and not between the real people. We constantly prefer to link ourselves with our image to make it alive. We perform all the actions based on that image. We mainly focus on that image thinking that the image we have formed gives us the inner security. When we have our image, we justify, condemn or identify with that image. We observe and understand the outside world only through that image. Hence, we do not view the actual facts; instead we view the facts with a tinge of our views and understanding. Only when we remove the image the mind deals with the real issues.

Image is so prominent in our life that we cannot live without this illusion called image. Our strong attachment to the image is the bondage and its detachment is liberation. We feel isolated when we do not have an image. We feel our life is meaningless and uncertain. Therefore we try hard to find our likes and dislikes and form our image based on it. Till we feel attached to our image, problem exists in life and there is always a fear. It is very difficult to get rid of that image because it is haunting us from the childhood. In my view, if we want to get rid of that image we have to observe our image as if observing a flowing river. We have to observe without the intrusion of any thoughts. Once we remove our image, we are no one other than the Consciousness. We superimpose our image on the Consciousness. Without that image each one is Consciousness in reality. It is very difficult to trace the Truth through the image. When we observe the Reality, we ignore the image automatically. Till then our image haunts us vehemently.




Life is full of happenings, either positive or negative. We call these happenings as fate. We assume and believe that an incident occurs in life according to the wish of God, who is in a faraway place, and to avoid hard times in life we have to please God with rituals and offerings. If any mistake happens in the rituals God will punish us with dire consequences. God selects a person according to his bhakti and rejects a person who is inferior in his bhakti. This is the knowledge of a common man about life and bhakti. Contrary to this belief, in our experience we witness some good people suffering and very bad people leading a very comfortable life. Witnessing these contrasts we are totally confused about the values in life. Sometimes, we even doubt the bhakti and its motive. People do not analyse the foundation of life, which is the fate; otherwise called the past impressions.

One must understand that God is a mere witness for all the happenings in life. Bhakti towards God will mould the mind in such a way that we will not have the tendency to do negative karmas in the present. At the same time, when the consequences of our past negative karmas affect our life, we do not feel its impact due to bhakti. Happenings in our life are entirely based on our karmas. “Yesterday’s actions become transmuted into today’s fate. Only if today’s deeds are pure will tomorrow’s destiny be favourable”, Mata Amiritanandamayi. The impressions of our past actions are deep in our mind. When these impressions manifest according to its maturity they influence the mind in various ways. In addition to this, if we have given mental agony to someone in the past, their mental agony will get transformed into curse. Its strength is immeasurable. The vibration of their pain will affect us in some way or other. We experience their vibration in our hard times. We may not remember the past incident, but their vibration causes a feeling of discomfort in us. A person’s past negative actions haunt him and give him mental agony equal to the agony he has given to others. We mostly blame the planets and situations for our difficulties but in reality, it is our past karmas which become an obstacle for our success in life.

Each person has an aura surrounding him and it is based on his mentality. If a person is positive minded then he has a bright aura around him. If a person is negative minded then he has a dark aura around him. A person with much past negative karmas will have a dark aura around him. A person with positive karmas becomes a noble minded and an ardent devotee of God. However, this will not nullify the negative karmas done by him in the past. This is the reason behind a good person suffering in life. In the same way, if a person with much negative karmas has done a few positive karmas, then he experiences the fruit of those positive karmas in the present birth and this is the reason behind a negative minded person experiencing all the comforts in life. The present birth and the mentality are based on the average of the past karmas. Any karma either positive or negative will give its result when it matures, which means when it find its apt circumstances.

In my view, only spirituality helps to deal with the result of our karmas. Instead of brooding over the failures in life, a positive minded person will use his incredible power to change the future to success by performing good karmas at present. A positive minded person will have the courage to face the failures in life. Therefore, fate is our own creation and not the creation of God or circumstances.




Corruption and bribery are injustice that shakes the society in many ways. Corruption and bribery suppresses the talent and encourages ‘do anything’ attitude in the society. Corruption and bribery erases the real value of the competition among the talented people. If there is no value for competition then what is the need for competition? Mostly all the fields are subject to corruption and it is very dangerous when corruption creeps in the field of medicine.

Corruption and bribery shows the ‘not-content, not-enough’ attitude in a person which results in greediness. The mind of such a person always rests in the mood of lack, which subsequently attracts more loss for that person. It need not be the loss of money alone; loss may result in loss of health, prestige, peace of mind, social status, sickness in the home, in business etc. One may not feel the loss immediately, but gradually it leads to heavy loss for that person in some way or other. Life is not money alone, loss of peace of mind and health are the greatest loss. Life is a combination of many aspects and loss in any one aspect will affect the person adversely. A person involved in corruption will not be able to bear the loss physically or mentally.

Attaining wealth in wrong ways leads to mental and physical disease, guilty complex, hidden fears and insomnia. People involved in corruption are stealing from themselves peace of mind, health, joy, and happiness. People involved in corruption and bribery fail to think about themselves or the consequences. They think only about the money. Even though they are intelligent and powerful, they tend to constantly hide their mistake and continue to live in fear.

Corruption and receiving bribe are only a feeling that it might not be enough for us. It stimulates greediness in a person. A person indulged in corruption ignores any advice given to him regarding corruption and he refuses to earn wealth otherwise. The mood of fear and lack in him attracts in more feeling of lack and the result is he never feels contended in any manner.

Physically the feeling of lack and fear causes contraction of muscles and mucus membranes which results in acute sinusitis problems. Medication gives only temporary relief. It can lead to heart diseases also. Corruption corrupts the personality and it devalues that person. A person involved in corruption can never climb the ladder of merit.

In my view, corruption and bribery affects the society as well as the individual. A person involved in corruption is not aware of both these effects. Giving bribe is an equal offense like accepting bribe. A person with merit never respects or recognizes giving or receiving bribe.