Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1

My Views


                                                                                Disciplining Disciplining a young mind is very tough because young minds are very sensitive and at the same time very immature. While disciplining, a single wrong move will affect the future of the child drastically. Since the young children do not know to express their feelings properly, their inability is […]

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                            MORALITY VERSUS HUMANITY Long time back we have forgotten humanity – a feeling of kindness and love towards the fellow humans, not for any particular reason but just for being a living being. Humanity is a natural feeling in us. Since we have forgotten humanity we have to be imposed with moral values. […]

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                                                                                 IMAGE Everyone has an image about themselves irrespective of their age. Image is self made and it is subjective to change in different phases of life. Our circumstances in life, heredity, understanding about ourselves, and knowledge are the key factors which help us to form our image. Sometimes, family and the society […]

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          FATE   Life is full of happenings, either positive or negative. We call these happenings as fate. We assume and believe that an incident occurs in life according to the wish of God, who is in a faraway place, and to avoid hard times in life we have to please God with rituals and […]

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THE PSYCHOLOGY OF CORRUPTION AND BRIBERY   Corruption and bribery are injustice that shakes the society in many ways. Corruption and bribery suppresses the talent and encourages ‘do anything’ attitude in the society. Corruption and bribery erases the real value of the competition among the talented people. If there is no value for competition then […]

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SELF- RELIANT AND SELF-RESPECT   Self- reliant and self- respect have deep relationship and the relationship is not explicit. People who respect the self and disallow others to take advantage of them are the people who become independent in all aspects of life. Total independence means independent physically, mentally and financially. In my view, financial […]

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