Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1



Art of communication is very important to maintain a relationship.  Any relationship is an exchange of energy and communication plays an important role to make the bondage stronger.  Words are an expression of thoughts and feelings.  There are times when we fail to express the feelings through words.  Sometimes we purposely speak contradictory to our thoughts.  Sometimes we exactly express our thoughts.  Whatever way we choose to express, our relationship with any person is established through communication.  Hence utmost importance is given for communication.

One can improve the communication skills at any point of time in life.  Our words reflect our experience in life.  If we have experienced a decent and sophisticated life, then our communication reflects it.  Suppose,  we have experienced a painful life, then our communication reflects that too.  Moreover, our communication reflects our culture and values in life.  When the thoughts are less, the words are also less.  When the words are less it enhances the inner energy.

When we go through the greatest epic Mahabharata, we will be able to notice mainly four types of communication which are very common in life.

Dheenadha – this is the manner in which the King Dhiridhrashtra communicates.  This type of communication highlights only the negatives in life.  They fail to see the positive side of life.  Those people always thing about the emptiness in life.  Too much of attachment towards life prevents them from seeing the achievements in life.  The result is they are left only with complaints and dissatisfaction.  They are too interested in finding fault with others, by that they hide their own mistakes.  Their possessiveness prevents them from adjusting with others.  Their communication is filled with worries, complaints and criticism.  Naturally others may reject their company.  Their mind is weak due to over expectation and fear and it is well reflected in their words.

Durabhimanada – this is the manner in which King Duryodhana communicates.  This type of communication reflects their dominating mind.  Through thoughts and words they want to control others.  They are commanding and authoritative.  They strongly believe that their ego as the Supreme and due to this they find it uncomfortable to even communicate in a pleasing manner.  They take others for granted.  Normally people try to avoid their company because their words always hurt others.  They fail to listen to others words and the communication is always one way.  Such type of communication worsens any type of relationship because there is no space for others to live together.  Their ego is too big to accommodate any other person.  They always view others as smaller than their own personality.

Nisheyadha – this is the manner in which Dronacharya communicates.  People who communicate in this manner always look for safe corner.  They always hesitate to communicate.  They are too protective and they never interfere in anyone’s business fearing that blame or responsibility may fall on them.  They never express their views in public.  They have very low Self esteem about themselves and due to this they even hesitate to think, assuming in mind that their ideas are not worth and it may be rejected or ridiculed.  Any relationship becomes stronger by sharing and giving.  If someone fails even to share the ideas, then there is no point in communicating with them.  One must live up to the situation and share the ideas as and when needed by kind useful words.

prajodanadha – this is one of the most perfect way to communicate and it is in this manner Bishmacharya communicates.  The communication must be always inspirational and it must always be helpful for others to take positive decisions.  Such people never talk about the weakness of others, at the same time they have the capacity to correct others mistakes by using proper words.  Basically, such inspirational words come from the respectful thoughts they have for others.  As said before, words are only expression of thoughts.  Everyone likes to be present in their company.

Communication is the result of our own likes and dislikes.  If the communication is too sharp then it is hated by everyone; if it is too blunt then everyone ignores it.  In my view, communication skills have to be checked and improved to maintain relationships.  The wound created by words takes time to heal than any physical wound.  Our own world is created by words, and for that reason they have to be given utmost care else we will be surrounded by loneliness.  Communication has the power to make or destroy our own world.