Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1




Life is full of happenings, either positive or negative. We call these happenings as fate. We assume and believe that an incident occurs in life according to the wish of God, who is in a faraway place, and to avoid hard times in life we have to please God with rituals and offerings. If any mistake happens in the rituals God will punish us with dire consequences. God selects a person according to his bhakti and rejects a person who is inferior in his bhakti. This is the knowledge of a common man about life and bhakti. Contrary to this belief, in our experience we witness some good people suffering and very bad people leading a very comfortable life. Witnessing these contrasts we are totally confused about the values in life. Sometimes, we even doubt the bhakti and its motive. People do not analyse the foundation of life, which is the fate; otherwise called the past impressions.

One must understand that God is a mere witness for all the happenings in life. Bhakti towards God will mould the mind in such a way that we will not have the tendency to do negative karmas in the present. At the same time, when the consequences of our past negative karmas affect our life, we do not feel its impact due to bhakti. Happenings in our life are entirely based on our karmas. “Yesterday’s actions become transmuted into today’s fate. Only if today’s deeds are pure will tomorrow’s destiny be favourable”, Mata Amiritanandamayi. The impressions of our past actions are deep in our mind. When these impressions manifest according to its maturity they influence the mind in various ways. In addition to this, if we have given mental agony to someone in the past, their mental agony will get transformed into curse. Its strength is immeasurable. The vibration of their pain will affect us in some way or other. We experience their vibration in our hard times. We may not remember the past incident, but their vibration causes a feeling of discomfort in us. A person’s past negative actions haunt him and give him mental agony equal to the agony he has given to others. We mostly blame the planets and situations for our difficulties but in reality, it is our past karmas which become an obstacle for our success in life.

Each person has an aura surrounding him and it is based on his mentality. If a person is positive minded then he has a bright aura around him. If a person is negative minded then he has a dark aura around him. A person with much past negative karmas will have a dark aura around him. A person with positive karmas becomes a noble minded and an ardent devotee of God. However, this will not nullify the negative karmas done by him in the past. This is the reason behind a good person suffering in life. In the same way, if a person with much negative karmas has done a few positive karmas, then he experiences the fruit of those positive karmas in the present birth and this is the reason behind a negative minded person experiencing all the comforts in life. The present birth and the mentality are based on the average of the past karmas. Any karma either positive or negative will give its result when it matures, which means when it find its apt circumstances.

In my view, only spirituality helps to deal with the result of our karmas. Instead of brooding over the failures in life, a positive minded person will use his incredible power to change the future to success by performing good karmas at present. A positive minded person will have the courage to face the failures in life. Therefore, fate is our own creation and not the creation of God or circumstances.


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