Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1



Disciplining a young mind is very tough because young minds are very sensitive and at the same time very immature. While disciplining, a single wrong move will affect the future of the child drastically. Since the young children do not know to express their feelings properly, their inability is taken as an advantage by the elders both in the family and in the society. When a person approaches the child with maturity and love then it is very easy to handle them.

In the first place, the person disciplining the child must be an emotionally stable person; else their agitated emotions will affect the child in the wrong way. The next important thing is love for children is not only to confine the child in the high class coaching centers called schools and continuously taming them for higher grades. Today’s sophisticated education can only help a person earn millions and lead a luxurious life style; it is a question whether the education they attain can make them morally stable with humility and discipline. Love and care for the child includes giving the child the right education, to see whether they are guided by the right people, to see whether they take the right food, checking their behaviour and nature and whether they mingle with the right people. It is important to see whether they understand life in the correct sense. When a person cannot understand life, he cannot be a disciplined person. You can make a child to behave forcibly according to the social norms. However, this is not morality. This can make a person respectable in the society. A respectable person when he gets the right opportunity, due to his latent impressions, tries to behave in an unpleasant way according to favourable circumstances. At the same time, a morally stable person’s behaviour is always decent and stable under all circumstances.

Disciplining should be done with love. Discipline is not suppression of emotions. If you suppress the emotions, it will pop up in a better opportunity. For most of us, disciplining is suppression, conformity and imitation of the habits of the elders. When we follow the same groove set by the elders, we do not live life with understanding. When you suppress a person there is constant battle inside that person. When you deny the emotions with sensitivity, it becomes an immense problem. Suppressed mind unable to handle pressure escape into some other problem or become neurotic. A mind which is unable to tackle a problem, as you see in this world, becomes insensitive, fearful, self-centered and brutal.

In my view, a child must be taught the consequences of a wrong action. A child should not be condemned or punished out rightly. A child must be given opportunity to learn from his mistakes. While disciplining a child, he must be given respect and treated as an equal. Nowadays the behaviour of the elders while disciplining the child is more immature than the children.

Disciplining is a common act, but it involves maturity and sensitivity; else disciplining itself will become a root cause for many sick minded people in the society.


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