Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1




Corruption and bribery are injustice that shakes the society in many ways. Corruption and bribery suppresses the talent and encourages ‘do anything’ attitude in the society. Corruption and bribery erases the real value of the competition among the talented people. If there is no value for competition then what is the need for competition? Mostly all the fields are subject to corruption and it is very dangerous when corruption creeps in the field of medicine.

Corruption and bribery shows the ‘not-content, not-enough’ attitude in a person which results in greediness. The mind of such a person always rests in the mood of lack, which subsequently attracts more loss for that person. It need not be the loss of money alone; loss may result in loss of health, prestige, peace of mind, social status, sickness in the home, in business etc. One may not feel the loss immediately, but gradually it leads to heavy loss for that person in some way or other. Life is not money alone, loss of peace of mind and health are the greatest loss. Life is a combination of many aspects and loss in any one aspect will affect the person adversely. A person involved in corruption will not be able to bear the loss physically or mentally.

Attaining wealth in wrong ways leads to mental and physical disease, guilty complex, hidden fears and insomnia. People involved in corruption are stealing from themselves peace of mind, health, joy, and happiness. People involved in corruption and bribery fail to think about themselves or the consequences. They think only about the money. Even though they are intelligent and powerful, they tend to constantly hide their mistake and continue to live in fear.

Corruption and receiving bribe are only a feeling that it might not be enough for us. It stimulates greediness in a person. A person indulged in corruption ignores any advice given to him regarding corruption and he refuses to earn wealth otherwise. The mood of fear and lack in him attracts in more feeling of lack and the result is he never feels contended in any manner.

Physically the feeling of lack and fear causes contraction of muscles and mucus membranes which results in acute sinusitis problems. Medication gives only temporary relief. It can lead to heart diseases also. Corruption corrupts the personality and it devalues that person. A person involved in corruption can never climb the ladder of merit.

In my view, corruption and bribery affects the society as well as the individual. A person involved in corruption is not aware of both these effects. Giving bribe is an equal offense like accepting bribe. A person with merit never respects or recognizes giving or receiving bribe.


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