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OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1



The wife of Sri Ram, Sita Devi, was abducted by Ravana, the Rakshasa ruler of Lanka.  Maruti crossed the ocean and went to Lanka and met Sita devi.  Maruti, just to show the power of a mere messenger of Sri ram, created a havoc in Lanka.  Ravana came to know of this but in his ignorance and arrogance, he refuses to free Sita devi, who is staying in the Asoka vana in the palace of Ravana.  Vibeekshana, the brother of Ravana, requested his brother to release Sita Devi.  In fear and in respect for Sri Ram, he said to his brother that if you fail to release Sita, then our Kula (fellow men) along with our land will be destroyed by Sri Ram.  Any amount of advice or request from Vibeekshana or some ministers supporting him, fell on the deaf ears of Ravana.  At last, Ravana asked Vibeekshana to go out of the Rajdhani.  Vibeekshna knowing the divine nature of Sri Ram, directly came along with four ministers who supported him to the shore of Rameshwaram, where Sri Ram is camping with the Vanara army preparing plans to cross the ocean.  He came by akasha marga (way of sky) by his power of maya and requested the vanaras to inform Sri Ram about his coming; the vanaras feared Vibeekshana, thinking that he is a Rakshasa and might have come with a plan to kill Sri Ram.  The king of the vanaras was not at all interested to include Vibeekshana in their army.  Sugriva went and said to Sri Ram about the arrival of Vibeekshana and said about his decision.  Vanara leaders like Angatha and others said vehemently that he has come with a plan to deceive us all and he has not come to take refuge but to kill Sri Ram.  Maruti said, if he has come to take refuge, doubting him unnecessarily will make him our enemy.  His words and mannerism are favourable; unable to find any deceit in it.  He must have come by knowing that how Sri Ram destroyed Valli and gave the kingdom to Sugriva.  “The same can happen to me too” he might have thought like that, I do not doubt him said Maruti.

Hearing the views of all Sri Ram said,

When a person has attained me, as a friend or for refuge, I do not abandon him in any way; even though there may be dosha (defects) in him, I do not care.  It is my dharma.  Sri Ram said, ‘If I hear the word ‘I surrender to you’, I will protect him by all means.  I do not care who turns against me; even if anyone oppose me I will protect him’, said Sri Ram.  The sruti says so and I follow it said Sri Ram. 

Sri Ram said even if he pretends to be my friend, I respect it.  I do not see whether he pretend or not.  That is the respect I give for friendship and surrender.  If he considers me as his friend, I will reach out to him; but here he has come.  It is immoral to make him wait said Sri Ram.  He has left behind his relatives, friends, wife, children and his land to surrender me.  If he just thinks to surrender that is enough for me to approach him.  His surrendering mentality is enough, he need not worship or do pooja for me, Said Sri Ram. 

Even if Vibeekshana has negative aspect in him, by seeing us all he will change his nature favourably.  My duty is to protect him, what he does is his karma, said Sri Ram.  At the time of surrender, whatever emotion he may have, just a thought of saranagadha is enough to surrender.  He need not come in person, even if he desires for saranagatha from a faraway distance I will give respect for his thoughts.  That is saranagadha dharma said in the scriptures said Sri ram. 

When a person surrenders and if he is not protected, then that will incur sin and due to it one will experience delusion, unhappiness and miseries in this life and all the puniya earned by him will be melted like the ice under hot sun.

Sri Ram said, If any one surrender to me even by his thoughts like “I surrender to you.  Hereafter I am your’s” if anyone say this, then I will protect him and all his dear one’s from all fears.  This is my decision.  At any time, I will not cross this vow, said Sri Ram.

This is the saranaagadha tattva of Sri Ram as said in the Yudha Kanda of Valmiki Ramaayan.


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