Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1




Faith has paved way for many successes.  Faith on improper matters has paved way for many failures too.  Faith raises us at some points and let us down at some other points.  At the same time, spirituality advices that one must have faith in Guru and his teachings.  However, when we look at the worldly life, faith has been the reason for some people’s failures.  Many people have suffered and been cheated for having faith on someone else, or on some situations.  Therefore, it is a contradiction.  How can a single mental activity have both the results?  In some situations, it has helped to succeed and in some other situations, it has been the reason for remarkable pain and sufferings.  When we analyze, we find an underlying truth behind this mental activity.

When we believe and have faith on something external, we must make sure that we clearly understand that particular situation or person.  Understanding a problem or a person is very important.  When we are not clear about the matter with ourselves, we should not have faith on them, until we understand it very clearly.  A faith without proper understanding will definitely leads to failure.  Sometimes we will be able to recover from it and sometimes not.  The faith without proper understanding is called ‘blind faith’.  When we are ignorant about a matter, others will definitely use our ignorance.  There is no use in blaming others in such situations.  It is only our ignorance and immature behavior that has tempted them to cheat us.  Therefore the basic problem lies with us.

We have to analyze the matter to the best of our ability.  Even when we are half way through the matter, when we realize that something is going out of track, then we must have the capacity to understand the situation and withdraw from it.  Spirituality never recommends blind faith.  The Rishis and sages of ancient India ask a seeker to first study their teachings, then think over it again and again, analyze them and have faith on their teachings before following it.  The Rishis will not advice anyone to have faith without understanding their teachings.  They are well aware that their teachings need a matured mind to grasp the subtle points.  If the mind is not prepared, then their teaching goes wasted.  Having a blind faith will not help a seeker.

Some people are scared to have faith on anything.  They do not believe in any one or in any situation.  Some people, even in adverse situations are scared to lose faith on external matters.  Both these are extremes.  This may happen due to hesitation to enquire, ignorance or carelessness, due to over attachment etc.  A person should not be over confident about any situation.  Over confidence always leads to failures.

Most of the social problems are caused due to blind faith.  A decision is to be taken at the proper time and for this, faith is needed.  In my view, when we have faith on ourselves, with proper understanding of the matter, then success is inevitable.  In case, when we are unable to perceive the external situation, faith on our own self will pave the path to victory.  It helps to come out of all trying situations at the proper time.  Faith on one’s own self will always shield us from the worldly sufferings.