Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1




The world usually prefers an extrovert.  Extroverts are welcomed by majority of people, because they spread a positive energy around and they are usually considered as smart and talented.  They are received well by the social, personal and professional circles and they adjust with most of the people.  They are considered to be good decision makers.  They do not have any inhibition in expressing themselves.  This nature enables them to get opportunities and to come forward in a better way.  It is very difficult for the extroverts to be with themselves, they need friends and relatives.  This nature stimulates them to look out for friends and move out.  They cannot tolerate loneliness.  They receive energy from many external factors and this helps them to grow.  They are efficient in keeping a gathering alive.  Most of the extroverts are talkative and this sometimes lands them in problems too.  In the modern world, many parents want their children to be an extrovert, thinking that an extrovert child can have better opportunities.  Sometimes an extrovert expects others to accept their nature, and this may disturb the whole atmosphere.  An extrovert is   highly appreciated, provided they do not interfere in the freedom of others.

Whereas, an introvert is very calm and serene, and most of the time they keep to themselves.  It is very difficult to understand an introvert person.  Usually, they resist mingling with others; because of this nature they have a few friends.  Depending on the circumstance and situations, their silent nature is sometimes acceptable and sometimes not.  They may be extremely talented, but because of their nature, their talent takes time to get recognized.  Their silence brings a peaceful atmosphere.  It is not necessary that an introvert is always a shy and a timid person.  Shy, timid, and fear are negative qualities, being an introvert is never a negative quality; it is only a different nature.  They are silent because they do not want to express themselves.  They are equally talented and knowledgeable, but they do not express it unless the situation and circumstance demands it.

In the spiritual context, an introvert and extrovert have different meaning.  A person whose senses are turned outwards is called an extrovert and a person whose senses are turned inwards is called an introvert.  In worldly life, almost all the people are slaves to their senses.  Some are very open in their approach and some are very calm in their approach.  Basically, regardless of the nature, the likeminded ones go together.

In my view, an extrovert draws the strength and energy from outside and an introvert draws the strength and energy from inside, from his own self.  When the energy is not dissipated outside, it gets accumulated inside.  This accumulated energy sends positive vibrations, which helps an introvert to take decisions.  Extrovert and introvert are the nature of the person and it has nothing to do with the talent and intelligence.

Many people try to change an introvert to an extrovert, because there is a myth that the introverts are not socially received well.  This is an absurd action.  It is the freedom and right of a person to be in the nature he desires and decides.  The nature of a person is related to his karma.  If we try to change a person to the nature we feel to be correct and comfortable, it will hurt that person and sometimes it leads to depression.  This will result in a futile effort and adverse effect.  Each person wants to change the mentality of the other like his own, which is a selfish act.  They forget the fact that the world is full of opposites and varieties.  No one can exactly be the same as the other.  The greatness of the creator in that he has created equal opportunities and chances for all regardless of the nature.  It does not matter to be an extrovert or introvert, what matters is to be a person with positive thoughts.