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OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1



Srimad Bhagavata purana is considered as a very profound text in Sanatana Dharma.   It is considered as the fifth Veda.  The theme of Srimad Bhagavada purana is the birth and life of Bhagavan krishna. 

In the Mahabharata war the Pandavas won the war.  After the war was over, in the night the children of the Pandavas were sleeping in a tent built in the Kurukshetra war field itself.  The son of Dronacharya, Ashwattama, came to the war field to see Duryodhana.  Duryodhana was mourning in the war field unable to bear the pain of the broken thigh, which was broken by Bheema sena.  At that time in order to please him, Ashwattama came to the tent where the children of the Pandavas were sleeping and killed the children of the Pandavas and took of the head from their bodies and went to show the heads to his friend Duryodhana.

Arjuna and Sri Krishna chased Ashwattma to kill him; Ashwattama sensing the danger, to protect himself he released a Brahmastra.  By the advice of Sri Krishna, Arjuna too released another Brahmastra to nullify it.  After nullifying the Brahmastra, Arjuna got down from the chariot and tied Ashwattama and dragged him to the tent were all the other Pandavas along with Panchali were crying.  Seeing the plight of the Guru’s son being tied by a rope, Panchali wanted to release him immediately.  Accordingly, he was released but his head was shaven and his jewel on the forehead (mani) was taken by Arjuna.  Bereft of spiritual power and in shame Ashwattma left the tent of the Pandavas.  After doing the last rites for the children of the Pandavas, Sri Krishna prepared to go to his kingdom Dwaraka.   At that time, seeing Sri Krishna Kunti devi, the mother of the Pandavas, sang a hymn praising the Lord and it has very deep meaning, which I will share with you in this article.

The Hymn of Devi Kunti

I salute the uncreated original being, the supreme person, the Lord of all and the one transcending prakriti, though you pervade everywhere no one can see you directly.

You are hiding behind the mysterious power maya; an ordinary person cannot recognize you, just like an actor’s nature is hidden behind the role he plays. 

Krishna, you have taken this avatara to teach your devotes the highest tattwa through your sportive leelas.  Thinking about the leelas many bhaktas have attained the supreme state.

Salutations to you Sri Krishna, who was the son of devi Devaki and Sri Vasudeva.  He is the Brahman of the Upanishads, who has appeared in His sportive manifestation as the son of Nanda. 

Salutations to the one having the world-lotus emerging from his navel.  Salutations to the one who is lotus eyed and lotus garlanded and His feet is marked with the lotus sign.

Just like how you released mother devi Devaki from the prison of the cruel Kamsa, you have solved all my problems under perilous situations.  To remember a few,

A murderous attempt to poison Bheema sena when he was very young.

When we were in vanavasa (forest) you Sri Krishna helped us in many ways.

In the battle you saved the pandavas number of times by saving them from various astras (missiles).  And now also Sri Krishna, you saved them from the missile released by Ashwattama. 

O Lord, let many perilous situations like this face us for ever; because whenever there are any perils in life, I could feel your presence and I could see you and that itself leads me to liberation.

You do not appear before the people who are infatuated by their birth, wealth, education, skills etc.  You are attainable to the people who do not have any other wealth other than you. 

Salutations to the one in whom the three gunas do not affect.  Salutations to the one who is always absorbed in His own bliss, who is always peaceful and the bestower of liberation to the jivas. 

Salutations to the Lord who is the controller of time, which destroys everything without partiality.  No one is friend to you and no one is enemy to you; since no one can understand your sportive actions many feel that you are their enemy.  To that non-dual being my salutations.

Your incarnations are a mystery.  No one can understand the depth of your leelas.  People who are not good in jnana and vairagya, always think about your leelas and merge their mind in you. 

Without your help, we Pandavas are mere name and form; you are the soul for all of us.

This land of ours is prosperous because the marks of your feet are on its soil. 

O Lord, cut all my connections of love with the Pandavas and Yadus; just like the ganga flowing towards the ocean, let my mind flow towards you Krishna.

O friend of Arjuna, leader of the Vrishnis, O Lord of Gokula, protector of the week and holy, spiritual guid of mankind, O Lord of all, Salutations again and again to you.

These are the words of praise pouring from the heart of Devi Kunti seeing Bhagavan Krishna.  The hymn of Kunti Devi comes in the Skanda 1, Adhyaya 8 of Srimad Bhagavata Purana.


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