Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1



Before the period of Albert Einstein, it was believed that the attraction between the atoms is because of gravity.  When Albert Einstein discovered E=MC2 in 1925, the old Newtonian belief was replaced by the new one. Albert Einstein believed that the attraction between the particles is because of energy.  When the atoms are broken further into subatomic particles, only pure energy results and nothing else.

Albert Einstein believed that, the energy existed as particles, that are solid in nature.  Another scientist, Thomas Young argued that, the energy existed in wave form, and not as particles.  They both argued on their point. Finally Copenhagen Interpretation revealed that “The energy in the form of waves, when given attention, took form and appeared as particles (matter) based on the thoughts and believes of the individual”.  If the energy waves are not given attention, they remained as waves.  The pure energy in the form of waves, when observed, changes in to a positive vibration that appears like solid.

Even in meditation, when we allow the thoughts to pass by, that is, if we do not react to the thoughts, in a few minutes the thoughts will disappear.  But at the same time, if we react to the thoughts, thought waves get intensified and meditation is disrupted. Energy from the individual, appears in the form of thoughts.  What philosophy says is that, everything that exists in this world, once existed as thought waves.  When an individual, gives attention to the thoughts, by repeated thinking and expectation they transform in to particles (form), based on the thoughts and believes of the individual.  When they are further given importance, they materialise as events and situations in our life.  It takes form in the exact manner in which it is believed.  The particles with similar vibrating frequency combine itself to take a form.

Albert Einstein’s equation E=MC2 is applicable to all particles in the universe.  The whole universe is made of one pure energy. Philosophy calls this pure energy as “prana”.  Prana vibrates in all beings.  When we disturb the Prana in our body, definitely there will be at least a meagre effect in the universal Prana.  Because each individual share the same universal prana.  Infinite number of atoms and subatomic particles are formed of this same pure energy called Prana.  This energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  The totality of the energy in the universe will always remain the same.  By splitting and merging the atoms we may feel that the energy may differ.  But under all circumstances, the totality of the energy remains the same.  We cannot increase or decrease this energy by any means.  But this energy will appear differently, according to its vibrational intensity, based on the structure of the matter.  Every form whether seen or unseen is a vibrating mass of energy and is interconnected with each other, because, the base of every form is Prana, the pure energy.  Science and philosophy explains the same thing, but the way they explain may differ.  Albert Einstein says “science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”.

The subatomic particles of energy regardless of time and space, communicate with each other, in no time, because it is that ‘one’ energy which appears as different atoms and subatomic particles.  Actually it is the same energy, communicating with itself.  In fact, the entire universe is an infinite vibrating energy, in which, each being play a very crucial role.  That ‘one’ energy will not be complete without our part.  Each individual, has the power in themselves, to use this infinite energy, according to their thoughts.

Every individual is a different expression of the non dual, infinite, existence.  Each individual vibrates at his/her own frequency.  The vibration or expression keeps on changing itself and one day it will fade away, but the existence will not.  Each individual is responsible for his own existence and the existence of others, by the energy he transmits, which influences others.

*Quantum physics is concerned with atoms and subatomic particles like photons, leptons, electrons, neutrons, quarks etc.



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