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OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1



The vibrations which are within the VIBGYOR range are visible to the eye.  Vibrations which are fine and above the violet rays are called the ultra violet rays, UV rays.  Above the UV rays they are called the X rays.  Vibrations, more finer than the X ray are called the magnetic vibrations.  X rays and UV rays can penetrate any solid substance. Magnetic vibrations can penetrate more denser solids.  Thought vibrations are even finer and can penetrate anything.  The speed of the thought vibration is very intense, it takes no time.

The receiver in the sense organ, receives the vibration and sends it to the brain, for further evaluation.  For example, when there is a sound, the receiver in the ear, receives the vibration and send the vibration to the brain.  The similar procedure is followed by the other sense organs and the brain.  A particular sense receiver do not receive the vibration of the other senses. For example, the receivers in the skin are not sensible to sound.  Vibrations which are very fine, pass through the sense organs.  The reason is, the finer vibrations have minute and rapid oscillations.

The pituitary gland, which is present behind the root of the nose, is the seat of the mind.  It is very sensitive to vibrations.  Its frontal lobe is connected with emotional thought and its anterior lobe is connected with intellectual concepts.  The pineal   gland, which is present in the middle of the head, behind and just above the pituitary body, is believed to be the place, where the soul and the body meet.  It is the seat of intuition.  When the pituitary and pineal glands are well developed in an individual, then they can translate and interpret any vibrations.  When the finer vibrations of the mind dominate the lower ones, mind becomes stronger, and that person will not be aware of the existence of the body. Even if his body is burnt or buried, he will not be aware of it.  Such persons have unusual power in curing diseases, finding cosmic truths, predicting future etc.  Such power exists in every individual, but we have to develop it.  When our mind is calm, we can utilize the higher vibrations.  When the pineal and the pituitary gland are in tune with the highest powers, we attain wisdom.

  At a certain brain wave frequency, the sense of ego, vanishes.  In the deeper states of the mind, physical consciousness becomes less.  Meditation helps us to attain this unique mental state. Meditation comes easily when we sit under a pyramid structure.  A pyramid is formed at the angle of 52 degrees, 51 minutes.  Pyramid structure receives the highest cosmic energy. From the base of the pyramid the cosmic energy gets accumulated at 1/3 rd height.  Cosmic energy is maximum at this height, and it gets spread throughout the pyramid*.  Temples and spiritual centres in India are built, based on this principle.  When a small dome like structure called kalasam is placed at the apex of the pyramid, the cosmic energy gets multiplied and it is distributed through the pyramid.  In the temple, the place where the cosmic energy is maximum is called the ‘Sanctum sanctorum’.  Inside this place, the mind easily connects with the higher frequencies, and we realise that we are not the body, but we stay in the body.

Prana or life force is called the cosmic energy.  It is present everywhere.  When the mind is calm we receive the maximum cosmic energy.  During meditation and in deep sleep, maximum cosmic energy is drawn inside our body.  There are many types of meditation, but during thoughtless meditation, maximum cosmic energy is drawn inside.  Cosmic energy is used for the basic functioning of our body. When the cosmic energy is used by the body, it gets depleted.  Then we feel exhausted, so we sleep.  In deep sleep, the cosmic energy is drawn in automatically.  But, it is consciously drawn inside during meditation.  When the cosmic energy is very low, we cannot work more.  We cannot even think properly.  Cosmic energy enters our body through the head and it spreads through the 72000 nadis or energy tubes spread across the body.  When there are thoughts, the incoming cosmic energy will be less.  The depletion of energy in the nadis causes etheric patches in the energy body, which gradually leads to disease in the physical body. By meditation, high energy flows, through the nadis, and the patches are cleared and the disease is cured*.


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