Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1


                                                            TRADITION AND MODERN OUTLOOK

We live in a fast developing world, which is based on science and technology.  It is impossible to evade from the comforts of the scientific inventions, and it is also impossible to survive without science and technology.  Technology made the world small and compact, but at the same time it has damaged the world to an extent by pollution.  It is a fact that we all survive by technology.  With technology and the life tailored to suit the modern world, we forget the tradition and it takes the back stage in our life.  Modern life changes a person’s outlook and nature.  In a limited time to battle between work and rest, it has become difficult to think about cultural and traditional lineage, which has brought a person to this level.

The tradition and the culture of a person play an important role in his upbringing.  If a person lacks cultural values, he can have progress, but without a proper foundation.  The culture and tradition in which a person grows up will definitely reflect in his personality and behavior.  There are many things in a person’s life which cannot be taught, but has to come naturally by observing the cultural values.  We live in a world of mixed culture and tradition, and we tend to ape the culture of the place where we live.  There is nothing wrong in this, provided it improves our values.  We happen to live in different traditional background, and when we refuse to have an open mind it will be very difficult for us to survive.  It is always appreciated to accept and respect other culture and tradition, without rejecting our own culture and tradition.  Many people shy away from practicing their traditional values, forgetting the fact that it is the tradition that everyone respects and value.

Tradition and culture is protected and handed over to us by our ancestors and elders, to pass on to the next generation without causing damage to it.  It is our duty to do so.  This does not mean that one should ignore the modern world.  In my view, any person can have a modern outlook, with the mind firmly fixed or grounded in traditional and cultural values.  We may look modern or have a modern approach towards the world, but our inner values and basic nature should be traditional and according to our own culture.  There is no need to change the strong values and believes to suit the needed situation or modern life. Many people change their cultural background to suit the modern world.  This exhibits a weak mentality.  A cultured society never rejects any tradition.  Adjusting to a situation is very important, but that does not mean to compromise with values and believes.  A strong mind is respected and appreciated, regardless of society and culture.