Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1




A responsible person is equally respected by the family and the society.  Responsibility when analyzed has deep meaning, than we know it by its superficial meaning.  Responsibility is of two types, the external responsibility and the inner responsibility.  External responsibility is doing the duties with perfection, within the time limit, and without any expectation.   Inner responsibility is the ability to maintain serenity and calmness even in adverse situations.  It is the ability of a person to respond in the perfect manner.  When we interact with people, it is our responsibility to interact and respond in the most dignified and pleasing manner.  We always ignore this inner responsibility.  Spirituality gives importance for this inner responsibility.  Inner responsibility is the basis on which the external responsibility is built on.

We are responsible for our actions, attitude, beliefs, perceptions and feelings.  A person’s personality and attitude is based on his upbringing, childhood beliefs and his view of life.  The impression of all these dominate the subconscious mind.  When we interact with a person, these impressions influence the thoughts.  Our response and our interaction with people are based on these thoughts.  Sometimes there may be flaws in our upbringing or childhood beliefs or our view of life.  It is our responsibility to check it and change these beliefs and attitude; else this creates problem in our response to situations.

When we are in pain, we care the least to hurt others.  We mostly feel that it is our right to yell or disturb others in the most painful way.  We take advantage of others.  In such situations, we are failing to be an inner responsible person.  We always take the inner responsibility in a light manner.  We justify our lack of inner responsibility by our problems and pain.

In my view, we have to be first aware of our inner responsibility.  One of the unique qualities of the human beings is their ability to choose their responses.  When we practice meditation and spirituality, our ability to respond develops.  We will become a humble and controlled person.  Our interaction and responses should not disturb others in the least possible way.  One of the reasons for our harsh response is, whenever we face a challenging situation, the first thing we create is a negative thought.  The negative thought is so quick that before we understand the situation it appears.  The first thought makes us understand the whole situation.  When we face a challenging situation, we should get detached from the influence of that situation; else that situation will control us.  When the situation controls us, we lose the ability to think.  We will not be able to take decisions in a proper way to solve the problem.  Whatever the situation be, either positive or negative, we have to accept the situation.  Situations are created due to our past karmas, so we are unable to reject it.  The period of time differs with different people to accept the situation.  Till we accept the situation, we spend the life in pain and frustration.  Spirituality teaches us to accept the situation and to get detached from the influence of that situation, and to respond in a positive way.  This helps to solve many problems in life.

A person with external responsibility and lacking in inner responsibility is feared and not respected.  Fear sends out negative vibration and in due course the negative vibration from others destroy our ability to succeed.  Our personality is determined in the way we respond to others.  A person with flawless inner and external responsibility is considered as a complete person.