Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1




Severe punishment whether physical or verbal is a rude practice, but it is widely practiced without the knowledge of the depth of insult and hurt it causes to the person it is imposed on.  Young kids to elderly people, regardless of the age and gender are subject to such arrogant and senseless practice.  Punishments are imposed on people to correct them while doing mistakes and children are mostly punished so that they will not repeat the mistakes out of fear, or they will excel in studies due to fear of punishment.  Whatever the reason be, fear is created in the mind of others by punishment.  How can fear, which is a negative emotion, give a positive result without doing damage to the person it is imposed on?  If the punishment is imposed on children, the damage it causes is more severe.  Mostly punishment is imposed on others not only to correct others, but the people who have authority are inefficient to control their emotion of anger.  People whom they think superior take revenge, satisfy their ego, and show their arrogance on others in the name of punishment.  If punishment is imposed only to correct others then why do they fail to select other methods which are more sensible?  People with authority fail to control their emotions, they show it on people who are at the receiving end.  People with authority may be teachers, parents, elders in the family, bosses or one who have the authority to implement the law.  Mostly children are the prey to this barbaric act.

What is the motive behind punishment?  Severe punishment cannot make a person understand their mistakes.  The physical hurt and mental insult caused to the person by punishment, will make the person weaker.  In course of time it only boosts his ego, either positively or negatively.  The insult one experience by punishment makes that person either take revenge at the later stage in life or make him a suppressed and dull person.  His suppressed emotions will burst in an unexpected way.  A disturbed mind will always disturb others.  It will definitely take revenge on the people who imposed him severe punishment.  Punishment may refrain him from doing one wrong, but indulge in other mistakes.  People who have responsibility or authority must have the capability to make others understand their mistakes.  Physical or mental torture will only worsen the situation.  The scar of punishment never leaves the person’s mind, and it will react in all the negative ways possible.  Corrective methods must be imposed in the most decent and dignified way, without causing the least damage either mentally or physically to the people who receive it.  Physical torture and harsh verbal insults must be strictly avoided.  Any law is respected in the way it is implemented.  Human feelings must be given prior importance while implementing the law.  Fear or deep insult never corrects a person.  It only boomerangs in a negative manner.