Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1


                                                                      ADVICE AND DECISION MAKING

Decision making is an important art.  Each moment is based on our decisions.  If we fail to take an apt decision at the correct moment, then opportunities will elude us.  It is best to take decisions of our own.  Sometimes we may not be able to decide of our own due to dilemma, we may not be well aware of the situations and circumstances, or sometimes we may even feel that someone else is more knowledgeable than us.  Whatever may be the reason, we must approach the correct person for advice else their ignorance and confused state of mind will deter us more.

When someone asks us advice, we have to remember that we are directing them to take an important decision.  Having this point in mind we have to advice them in the most sensible and responsible way.  There is nothing wrong when we do not advice anyone, but when we advice someone, it matters a lot.  Some people advice in the way that is profitable to them.  This is cowardice and it has to be avoided.  Our ideas may be favorable to us, but we must see whether it will favor others the same way.  When we advice someone, our ideas are very important for that person, at that point of time to take a decision.  We mostly advice others based on our experience.  Our experience is based on our karmas, our capacity to deal with a situation, our talent, our determination and willpower.  These five factors differ with each and every individual.  We always advice others based on our personality in mind.  These advices may or may not be apt for their way of living.  Before we advice someone, all these factors have to be considered.

In my view, we must not compel anyone by the name of advice.  The five factors like karma, capacity, talent, determination and willpower in others will definitely be above or below our own limit.  No other person will have these five factors exactly the same as ours.  If our ideas do not tally with their mentality, then they will be in more confusion and delusion.  To avoid this, we can tell them about the probable solutions and consequences and allow them to take decision of their own.  We must help and support others to take their own decisions.  When we give them an idea, it will be helpful for them to decide of their own.  Our words and ideas must enable others to be aware of their positive qualities and capabilities.  Such words will create a positive vibration and self confidence in others and this will enable them to take their own decisions.

Decision making is very important in one’s life.  This art must be trained from childhood.  A child must be trained to take decisions independently and aptly according to the situation.  Parents and teachers instead of spoon feeding their own ideas, they must help the child to take decisions independently and aptly.  Even though it is our child, these five factors will definitely differ in the child.  It is our ignorance to force our ideas on them.

When someone ignores our advice, there is no need to panic or feel bad about it, because the five crucial factors may have made them to decide in their own way.  At the same time never advice a person who always ignores our advice, because our words and ideas are wasted on something which is always ignored.

Advice is not an easy thing to do.  It is the most responsible and prominent thing because others future is dependent on our ideas.  Our words must not at any time lower the confidence level of others.  Confidence is something which is hard earned by our experience, hard work and success.  A person survives in difficult times with their hope and confidence.  If our words disturb their confidence and hope, then it is same as killing them in the most brutal way.    If our words and ideas help others come out of their entanglements in life, then it is the most virtuous thing a person can experience in his life.