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OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1



Universe is full of vibrations.  If there is an existence, whether seen or unseen, it will definitely vibrate.  Each thought creates a vibration, which appears like a ripple in the mind and that vibration travels outward into the universe. This vibration from the mind will attract similar vibrations from the universe, and manifest as situation and circumstances in life.

Vibration is energy. In layman’s parlance, it is ‘disturbance of equilibrium’. According to science, vibration is created by an electron, orbiting the proton, which is in the centre of an atom. When a vibration or energy is emitted from an atom, that vibration passes outwards, and it pushes the other atoms. An atom not only emits energy, it also absorbs or receives energy, from other atoms. Many atoms together form a molecule and, millions of molecules together make a form or structure. Each atom in a form emits vibration constantly; and the vibration of a form, is the vibration of the total number of atoms present in it. The shape and nature (gas, liquid, solid) of a form, depends on the number of atoms present and its mutual attraction.

Every being emits vibration at a particular rate and frequency. The five senses in a human body can sense vibrations, within a particular range. If the rate of vibration is very high or very low, then the senses in the body cannot sense it. The frequencies which are above the hearing level are known as the ultrasonic frequencies, those below the hearing level are known as the subsonic frequencies. Our sense perception is very limited.

Philosophy says that the source of any existence, is the pure universal supreme consciousness, Brahman. Spiritually many names are assigned to the supreme consciousness as God, Brahman, paramatma etc according to different believes.

Thoughts are the basic manifestation of the pure consciousness. When thoughts appear in the mind, it sends out vibration. According to the force of the vibration, the atoms in the universe get aligned a little. Thus the thoughts in the universe are affected by our thought. Vibration takes no time to travel. An individual’s mind has many thoughts and they vibrate at different rates.

By our thoughts we are connected to this infinite Universe. Even when we are alone in a lonely place, we are connected to the world by our thoughts. The quality and consistency of our thoughts make our external life. Negative thoughts operate at a low energy frequency, much lower than the operating frequency of the universe. Positive thoughts have very high energy frequency. When our thought frequency is low, we are not connected with the spiritual realm. When a negative thought is mixed with a positive thought, then the positive energy is diluted. Thoughts separate us from the supreme conscious state.

During meditation, when the mind is calm, we can create and broadcast powerful positive thoughts to get the desired results. Never imagine or think about the situations, which we do not feel to experience. Life is not a default happening. Mind is the most powerful thing in the universe. We should know to use it properly.

When a thought arises, it arises with a name and form. Name and form are the powerful manifestations of thought. We cannot separate thought- name- form. For example, when we think of an ocean, the name “ocean” and its vast form, immediately comes to our mind. Name is the finer manifestation of thought and form is the grosser manifestation of thought. Universe is the projection of thoughts, from the supreme consciousness or God. Our body is formed of our own thoughts, called “Karma”. Mind is the collection of thoughts. If there is no mind, then there is no body. The subtle ideas of the mind, makes us to take many bodies and hence many births. The finer is more persistent and condensed than the grosser.

As explained earlier, the universal thought is projected from the supreme consciousness. Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev says that The universal thought is called “Mahat”; and the finer manifestation of Mahat is the sound “AUM”. AUM is not a religious symbol. When there is vibration, there is bound to be a sound. AUM is the fundamental sound in the existence. The whole existence is just a sound; and AUM is the basic sound of the nature. The gross form of AUM is the universe. AUM is the most powerful sound. By knowing AUM, the whole idea of creation is known. That is why, meditation is done by repeating AUM. AUM is called “SABDA BRAHMAN”. Any word is as powerful as thought, because a word is the manifestation of thought. AUM forms the bridge between the external world and God. It is a word with high vibrating frequency. When AUM is uttered, our mind will reach the highest frequency.

In Vedas, the mantra (group of high frequency words) is very important. For example, “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”, is the famous “panchakshari mantra”. Mantras should be recited with correct sound pattern. Then only it will broadcast correct vibrations, to attract the desired results. The duration to recite mantras, are also important.

Veda mantras are vibratory movements. The Rishis can grasp that frequency from the universe during meditation, and they have written it for the goodness of the human beings. Vedas are vast and only a portion of the vedas are revealed to the Rishis. Like explained earlier, some frequencies are not perceived by ordinary human sense. But, when we increase the frequency of our mind, by aligning proper and powerful thoughts, then similar powerful thought vibrations can be attracted and we can perceive the high frequency vibrations. This is possible in meditation. Like this, during meditation, the Rishis perceived the mantras from the universe. The mantras are not created; it exists in the universe from time immemorial.

Sound vibrations can create, preserve and destroy the gross form. When mantras are chanted with correct tone, pronunciation, and concentration, then the full power of the mantras can be realised. During the final cosmic deluge, the vibration will cease and the consciousness becomes quiescent. When the mind is calm, many secrets of the universe are realised. There is no miracle in Hindu philosophy. As long as we do not understand, it is miracle, otherwise, it is perfect knowledge.

Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swami explains that when we utter a sound, the nerve centres of our body get vibrated, and accordingly a emotion is created in the mind. Emotions will vary the pulse beat. When a mantra is uttered or heard, it creates a positive vibration in our mind. For a sound to be audible, the life breath has to pass through the vocal cords, tongue and lips. When we pronounce a word, the nerve centre in these places gets vibrated, and accordingly a emotion is created in the mind. Any word in a mantra when pronounced properly, will create a powerful positive emotion in the mind. This in turn sends out positive thoughts, which will cause prosperity for the person who chants it and to the surrounding. When mantras are repeated again and again, it will bring happiness and prosperity. Even when the mantras are repeated in the mind, without producing sound, they create powerful vibration which protects the chanter and the surroundings*.

Any human being or happening in this universe, in their basic form, is full of vibration. The appearance is the result of their vibrational intensity.


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