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OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1



Our thoughts are the cause; and, what our thoughts attract and produce in our life is the effect.  Our experiences are our beliefs.  Effects received will be only according to the action done.  A neem seed can bring only a neem tree. Just like that, our thoughts and actions can attract only the corresponding effect. It will not attract any other effect. The attracting power in the universe is called “MAYA”.  The action and its attracting power do not change under any circumstances.  This is the universal law applicable to all beings.

We have to choose our thoughts carefully.  Else, there will be fault in our action.  A thought grows in to an action only when nurtured properly, if not, it will fade away before maturing into an action.  But when an action is done, then definitely there will be an effect following that action.

A thought is the seed of every action and its corresponding attraction.  Thoughts can be consciously aligned to attract similar thoughts.  If a thought is positive then it will mature into a positive action and it will attract only positive reactions.  For example, if our thoughts are of respect, then it will attract thoughts of respect.  So, when we respect others, automatically others will respect us.

We cannot change the effect, but we can change the thought. For example, we may have anxiety and fearful thoughts, but proper counselling may help us to have, bold and confident thoughts.  Under such situation, we will only attract, bold and confident thoughts.  Undesirable imagination should be avoided.  Else, our wrong imagination will attract its effect, and that will become the reality.  It is only our thoughts, words and actions that decide our future.  Hence it is very imperative to develop clear, positive thoughts.

Thoughts of our mind attract other thoughts, only when the frequency and intensity of the thought vibrations are identical.  When we have repeated thoughts about our desire, either as prayer or otherwise, they form an impression in our subconscious mind.  It will become a strong belief.  Then the impressions in the subconscious mind will broadcast the vibrations of the desired thing into the atmosphere, which in turn will attract the corresponding desired results.  It can be objects, events, situations, etc.  The attraction depends upon the frequency and resonance of the energy, which we project outside.

The frequency and resonance of the energy is very pivotal in attracting our desired result. In fact, the attraction is wholly based on this frequency and resonance.  When we project a thought, we actually project a frequency.  According to the emotion in our thought, the frequency and resonance varies.  What we experience in our life depends on our vibrational resonance.  The power of attraction is unbiased, and is same in all living beings. The attracting power is unaware of, what it is attracting.  It is the resonance of the thought, which decides the situation and events to be attracted.  It is the emotion which causes resonance.

Our mind is like a radio set. The brain’s rate of vibration is measured in Hertz, HZ.  In our home radio set, we can find the marking as KHZ and MHZ.  They denote the different vibrating frequency, which our radio set emits.  When we tune our radio to a particular frequency, the frequency emitted by our radio set, attracts and merges with the same frequency from the air, and the program broadcasted by the radio tower, in that particular frequency, is heard in the radio set through the loudspeaker.  Even though different frequencies emitted by different radio stations are in the air, tuning of our radio set decides, which frequency to attract.  Likewise, our mind attracts and merges only with the frequency that is similar to the frequency emitted by our emotions.  The emotions we choose, depends on the emotions we are conscious of.   The quality of our consciousness has to be improved to emit and attract quality vibrations.

The positive and negative vibrations have different vibrational intensity. During meditation or prayer we consciously produce high intensity positive vibration.  By this, the low intensity negative vibrations, which are produced as a result of the impressions of our past negative karmas will lose its intensity further, and it will have a least or negligible effect on us.  Negative karmas once done will definitely produce its effect.  But by consciously and continuously emitting high intensity positive vibrations, the mind will become stronger and in due course of time, it will start to emit powerful vibrations, unconsciously.  Then, the mind knows the ways to deal with negative karmas, and in due course of time, the negative karmas will fade away.  And, we begin to experience the result of our high intensity positive vibrations of prayer and meditation.  This is the concept behind prayer and meditation, and that is why it is said that prayers and meditation will help us to come out of our negative karmas.

An impression in our mind is formed by the experience of our action.  The impressions are called vasanas.  These impressions in the subconscious mind, constantly send out vibrations, which affect our thought process, and accordingly our action.  When we do a new action, the experiences of that action again become impression.  It is a cyclic process.  Sometimes an impression may give its effect in the form of action, after a very long time.  Time duration may pass on to the next birth also.  It all depends on the depth and intensity of the impressions.  A person is born according to the impressions or vasanas in the subconscious mind. The nature of the person, his family, background, education and almost everything depends on the vasanas.  This is called the “Prarabdha Karma”.  The impressions, which are yet to fructify including our present birth impressions are called “Sanchita Karma”.  This cycle goes on for many, many births.

The only solution to break down this cyclic process, is to gain the knowledge of the supreme consciousness, BRAHMAN, by any means like Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga or Jhana yoga. Then we will realise that, the only truth is the Infinite, Non-dual, Brahman.

It is the thought which make us feel that we are an individual and finite.  The individuality is the cause for our karmas.  When we realise that we are infinite and cannot be limited, the karmas will vanish and the cycle of birth and death also stops.  The mind and ego, which made us feel, that we are separate from supreme consciousness, will lose its vibrational intensity and gets merged in the supreme consciousness.  When we lose our individuality, we become the infinite supreme consciousness, the non-dual Brahman.  Till then, the karmas will continue.


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