Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1




Emotional insecurity – this phrase may not mean much to our grandparents or parents.  The need to highlight this concept did not arise in their period of time.  They are all emotionally secured people knowing to handle life situations excellently; else, we would not be in this comfortable position today.  They completely absorbed the rich and profound Indian culture and tradition (which the world stand in awe of), which made them emotionally secure in all circumstances.  Unfortunately, of recent times there is a cultural change going on in India and some of them affect various level of the society in a negative way.  The reasons for this change may be decline in the spiritual tendency among people, cross-culture, invasion of the electronic and digital media, and a few lapse in our education system.  As a result of these, emotional insecurities like loneliness, possessiveness, jealously, fear, dictatorship, hatred and anger etc., haunt most of the people.  This is evident from the nature of the recent crimes and violence in India.

There is no guarantee that the present education system can give emotional security because it is sad to see highly educated people emotionally weak and they disturb the entire atmosphere.  Present education system is merely a skill to earn a comfortable or luxurious living.  It facilitates to attain status.  It doesn’t impart any knowledge to handle real life situations. It is evident from the trauma the young students’ experience.

Financial security also cannot guarantee emotional security because we witness fear, loneliness, anger, hatred and various complexes in financially secured people as well.  Definitely, we need money and education for a comfortable life.  However, money and education alone cannot give complete life.  What we have earned will lose its value if we do not enhance it with moral and cultural values.

In spite of educational and financial security there is decline in moral values.  If the mind of the educated and financially sound is not matured and calm then it does more harm to other people.  Even a slight emotional disturbance will have a negative impact in their attitude towards life.  They quench their anger, frustration, hatred and ego either on people who are dear to them or on the innocent unrelated people.  The main reason for such behaviour is the lack of knowledge about the importance of life, lack of knowledge about themselves, lack of knowledge about God and his creation.  They mix and match all these to suit their ego.  Due to their high handed behavior from infants to old people, from family members to innocent public, all are a victim of their behaviour.  It includes abuses in families, cheating, ragging in colleges, cruelty to animals, physical and mental abuse, harassment, terrorism and many, many more.

Most of the violence and crimes are committed by the youth.  Where is the mistake happening – is it in the upbringing, is it in the society which we all make, or is it in the influence of the friends and media.  I believe they all have an equal responsibility in molding a person.  A deep hurt, insult or a wrong move from any one of them can emotionally shatter a person and lead them towards perverse mental attitude.

One of the solutions to this problem is spirituality.  Spirituality can emotionally balance a person to a large extend.  People assume Spirituality as mere superstition or a religion based karmas.  No, spirituality is more than all these.  It is not a gimmick.  It is the understanding of life itself.  It is the ultimate knowledge about our existence.  It enhances our positive moral values.  Spirituality helps us to lead life with absolute dignity.  In spite of our rich spiritual tradition, spirituality has not gone to the grass root level.  People show hesitancy towards spirituality because of the mushrooming of the wrong spiritual gurus.  Still, there are well trained traditional gurus who impart quality knowledge.  Reading and understanding scriptures will also help us have an emotionally secure mind.  It is better to transform ourselves before the law transforms us.


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