Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1


                                                                         MY KARMA

Pleasure and sorrow –

Are the gifts I receive,

For my past thoughts

Neither can I ask for more,

Nor can I deny it now

Past is, far away behind me

I cannot hold it or drag it close;

Neither can I correct it now

However, one thing I can do

Definitely I can do,

Because it is with me –

My present

Now and here, it is with me.

I can play with it,

Or use it,

Or waste it, by thinking about the past.

Again, I have a chance

To decide and act

My decisions,

Leads me further

The tunnel may be dark or bright,

It depends on my decisions

I can walk bravely

Who else can cross my path,

Other than my own KARMA!