Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1


                                                                                THE ART OF LISTENING

Listening is an important art.  People show interest in giving advice, but they fail to listen.  Many feel that giving advice is more powerful than listening.  When we listen we understand more.  Listening helps to understand others perspective and views clearly.

It may sound very easy to listen, but it is the most difficult thing to do.  When someone explains their views and problems to us, listening with full concentration of mind is appreciated.  Many of us will listen, but without concentration.  When we listen, our mind will drag us here and there.  Sometimes when we listen, we connect our mind with similar situations, and our listening capacity will transform to thinking ability.  Often we mentally pass our own judgments, comments and criticize the speaker.  In such situations, we are not doing justice.  Listening means accepting, by accepting others we get respect.  In a favorable or in an adverse situation, listening and accepting others is very important.  Only by listening we get knowledge to face any kind of situation.  While listening, we should not mentally superimpose our ideas on others views.  If we superimpose like this, we get only a blurred image of others views.  In my view, it is very important to listen to others without passing judgments, criticizing or superimposing our views or ideas.  The task may seem easy, but it is hard to practice.

Many lack the patience to listen.  Either they feel that they are wasting time by listening to others or they may intrude and intercept the speaker at many times.  This will definitely disturb the flow of thoughts of the speaker.  When someone chooses to open up their mind to us, it shows that they respect and accept us.  The same feeling should be reciprocated back, else in due course, others may find us uninteresting.

Another important problem in listening is, we always expect the speaker to speak in the manner we feel to be correct and good.  This is an epitome of domination and it showcases the individual ego.  Why should anyone be like us?  Mind should be trained to accept different mannerisms and views.  It exhibits our quality of knowledge and maturity.  There is nothing wrong in being different.  We are always busy in forcing our own ideas.  Our ego hesitates to accept others views.  In the worst case, some find it degrading to listen to others.

Many of the problems are solved by listening.  Listening capability ensures a positive atmosphere around us.  Some people pour out their mind to relax.  When we listen to them non-judgmentally with apt attention, the positive energy of the listener will definitely help to relax them.  Some people expect the listeners to accept their views and ideas.  If it is correct, it has to be accepted.  If we do not find the speaker’s views acceptable, we can express our views.  If our views are not accepted, we should avoid forcing or repeating our ideas and views because, this may cause strain in any type of relationship.  If our ideas and views are good, then they are definitely accepted at the right time and situation.  There is no need to force or hurry up others to accept our ideas.  Lack of listening attitude is pivotal in causing cracks in all types of relationship.  It is inevitable to learn and develop the art of listening to ensure smooth and good relationship.