Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1



Most of the people who think they are perfect are rigid in their thoughts, emotions and feelings.  They do not allow the thoughts and feelings of others to enter them.  They limit themselves with their own imaginations.  They do not allow themselves to grow or allow others, to help them grow.  They do not enhance their own capabilities.  If we become mentally and physically rigid, then there will be no progression, there will be only regression.  At a very young age, most of the people are very flexible.  When we grow up rigidness grows with us.  Many people turn the blessings in their life like money, influence, education, intelligence etc. as a curse, because of their nature.

When we go against the world, it will be very difficult for us to survive.  Peaceful mind is very important for our growth.  We mess up our mind with many imaginary thoughts.  We are just living as a bundle of thoughts, emotions and opinions which are all gathered from elsewhere.  We have to remain as a being, without any thoughts.  This will clear our mind slowly and gradually.  When we imagine a lot, actually we are building up our ego.  Most of our energy is spend on imagination.  As a result, we will become physically and mentally weak after a period.  When we are weak, our ego will also become weak and our rigidity will reduce.  This natural process affects us mentally in a bad way.  Instead, when we do thoughtless meditation for half an hour, it will have great effect on our thought process.  It will not allow the ego to build up.  This will reduce unnecessary imagination in our mind.  The most effective way for flexible mentality is the kundalini yoga.  When the kundalini rises, we will feel that we are only a force merging with everything around us.  The practice should be perfect and under a trained guru, else it will cause adverse effects.

In my view, thoughtless meditation is a safe way to have flexible mentality.  Without a flexible mind, our precious life will be unnecessarily wasted in arguments and tension.  Only a peaceful mind will reflect consciousness.  It is not an easy task, but by persistent effort the mind must be trained to become flexible, else we are losing a peaceful opportunity in our life.