Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1


                                                                            RELIGION AND SPIRITUALITY

There exists a wide disparity between religion and spirituality.  Religion is concrete and focused, whereas, spirituality is abstract.

Religion is based on emotions and beliefs.  It is based on the principle of devotion, to a personal God.  Infinite non-dual consciousness is assumed with attributes, name, and form.  According to our own belief and circumstances, we become a part of a cult.  We follow the rituals of that particular cult, in which we are trained.  People following a particular belief and their rituals unite and that group grows to become a religion.  People take forward that religion, based on the sacred books written by the initial followers of that religion.  It spreads wide and many people with the same mentality accept that religion.  In my view, that one supreme power is worshipped with different beliefs and rituals.  The rituals and beliefs differ according to the nature of a person.  Many factors influence a person.  His nature and beliefs are affected by such influences.  When we worship God with prayers, we assume God as separate and supreme to us.  We assume the personal God according to our mentality, we offer prayers and express our wishes, and we expect a reply from God.  We become truly devoted to Him.  When devotion reaches a peak level, spirituality slowly emerges.  At this point, we understand the true nature of God.

When we become more and more devoted to God, we understand more, and we realize the nature of God.  We slowly start to think that, how can a supreme power differ, for different people?  Spirituality is, viewing God as one supreme power, which is the source of all and That power is present in all beings.   When we become spiritual, we will be more composed and we will understand many hidden facts.  A person will become more matured, to follow the principles of that one creator – peace and contentment.  Spirituality makes the mind to focus on the impersonal God.  Spirituality makes a person to realize that, divinity is present in all beings, but it manifests only in a few people.  When divinity manifests, differences vanish.  When differences vanish, peace emerges out.  In spirituality, we strive to understand ourselves through meditation.

Depending on the knowledge of God, a person can become religious or spiritual.  There are infinite ways to understand that infinite being.  All the views and ideas about God are correct, but what makes the difference is, how far we are able to realize Him in the absolute sense.  Even though, our ideas and views are correct, there will be always a gap between our understanding and the reality.  This gap makes the difference.  Fighting and criticizing about different beliefs, expose our immaturity.  A person’s life will be complete, only when he absolutely knows the unknown.