Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1


                                                                       PRACTICE PAYS


Practice – it matters a lot than we imagine it to be.  A steadfast practice always pays the result.  Success defines the practice that we have undertaken in that particular field.  Some tends to surpass practice and concludes that success attained without much practice is pure intelligence.  This is a wrong intension.  Success without practice shows turbulence in the long run.  Mastering a field is more important than winning prizes and awards.  Accolades give encouragement to pursue in the studies, but it is not the final.  Neither success nor failure is the end of the road.  One has to continuously practice in the field of his choice.  Practice enables us to continuously involve in that field.

Every person is born with an inborn talent.  According to spirituality, a talent is the deep impression inherited from the previous birth.  It becomes evolved by the present situation and constant practice.  It is a blessing to find out the inborn talent early in life.  It has to be natured with constant practice, so that it will bloom and benefit everyone.  Practice is the key to bring out the inborn talent.  Though we are talented, the talent will not be matured without proper practice.  Only when a talent matures, it gives benefits in the form of name, fame, wealth etc and it will be long lasting too.  It is important to maintain stable mind at this stage, else it will affect the practice and the talent.  If our talent helps others to improve from their sufferings, ignorance and pain, then it is a great blessing.

Practice makes the impression in the mind stronger.  Practicing at the hour of need does not give much benefit.  A gradual and steadfast practice is needed.  Many talents wither away due to lack of practice.  The inborn talent gives us the tendency or interest in a particular field.  If we fail to grasp and develop that interest, then that talent will fade away.  Practice needs tremendous concentration power and concentration power also improves by regular practice.  Many people fail to practice due to laziness, or they may feel that they know better and does not need practice.  These are all lame excuses of the mind to evade from being concentrated.  A sincere person aiming for higher success needs to practice without finding any excuse.  The mind has to be trained to succeed.  When we practice we correct our own mistakes.  One has to practice till they get it right.  The time taken to practice depends on the knowledge and mentality of that person.  Practice gains experience which is a key to success.

A hard practicing person is ridiculed at times by others for being occupied.  In my view, the non-basic remarks have to be ignored and attention should be given to hard work and regular practice.  It is a social myth that a person attaining success without taking much effort is intelligent than a hardworking one.  By this remark, we praise intelligence by downplaying the effort, which is not a proper trend.  We need intelligence to understand the intricacies and subtle points in a field, but to find out such points we have to involve and practice regularly.  Any field will not open its secrets to us in a day or two.  We have to be more involved to master in a field.

The gene of a successful person is often praised more than the practice.  Gene is nothing but the strong impression that one has acquired from his family line, regarding a particular field.  If a father is a great singer, then the son will surely inherit the strong impressions of music from his father through the genes.  This gives the son a tendency to learn music.  The son himself have to do hard practice to excel in music.  A person needs some years of practice (atleast five years) to excel in a field.  A person with a definite target will not be hurt, scared, humiliated or embraced even when he meets with failures.  He learns from all these.  “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment.  Full effort is full victory” Mahatma Gandhi.