Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1


                                                              POWER OF MEDIA ON THE MIND


Mind has incredible power; unfortunately it is the most misused power.  Every mind is unique and has tremendous creative power.  It is the responsibility of each individual to use it in the most proper and earnest way.  Many thoughts rush in the mind at a time.  We must use our inborn intelligence to choose the correct thoughts according to the situation.  This is creativity.  Most of the thoughts have to be ignored because they are unwanted thoughts.  Thoughts have to be very carefully selected because thoughts lead to action and the future depends on the present thoughts and actions.  Thought depends on

1. The information we provide to the mind

 2. Past experiences

3. Strong beliefs

We always believe that happiness and sorrows are based on external situations.  When we analyze the mind, we will find out that this belief is wrong.  Emotions and feelings are based on the thoughts, regardless of the external situations.  External situations become stimulant to the mind, but if the mind is stable and strong, external situations have a least impact on the mind.

Many believe that entertainments like watching TV or movie, browsing, reading novels and books can relieve the mind from tension and sorrows.  It may be true, but the mind goes back to the previous state once the entertainment is over.  The information we take in by the name of entertainment is very important, because information influence the mind to think.  The impact of the media on the mind must be understood.

When we watch a media, the media overpowers the mind.  During that period the media suppresses the mind.  The media will not allow the mind to think of its own.  We react to the characters we watch or read in the book.  Mind totally becomes one with the media.  During that suppressed period, the power of the mind to create original thoughts completely stops.  The more we involve with the media the more we like it.  The media becomes the stimulant for the mind to create thoughts.  When we watch TV or other media, the media is thinking for us.  It is because of this reason we like it.  We get so much involved with the media.  The mind will become lazy to think after the entertainment is over.  The mind will become numb; sometimes we even reject food and other duties.  If this continues for a long time, the mind will feel lazy to create original thoughts and we will become more and more dependent on the media.  Especially the young mind of the children will lose its power of creativity and become more lazy and dependent on technology, so that they do not need to do much of their own.  Mind at any cost should not lose the power of original thinking, because thinking and analyzing is a unique quality which distinct man from other beings.  Moreover, the information we provide to the mind gradually changes the thought process and the personality of the person.  When we watch lot of violence stuff, then our personality becomes violent.  When we watch lot of horror, sorrow or disasters, then we will become a fearful and insecured person.

In my view, gathering information   in today’s scientific world is very important, but we must be matured enough to detach ourself from the media while watching it, so that, the media will not have a direct impact on the mind.  The time for watching the media must be strictly restricted else the mind will lose its power of creativity.  The most affected part of a being by the media is the mind.  In the early morning hours(4 Am to 6 Am), time of Brahma Muhurtha, the receptive power of the mind will be very high.  During that time we have to provide the mind with powerful positive thoughts.  This will definitely have positive change in our personality and life.  Prayer has two powers – knowledge and strength.  Knowledge creates self confident positive thoughts and strength helps us to face the negative impacts of our past karmas.  We can shrug of the pain and sorrows by prayerful confident mind rather than entertainments.