Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1




Forgiveness is one of the fine natures of a human being.  Spirituality expects a person to always forgive others even in the most adverse situations.  Even in the most trying and challenging situations, spirituality will not allow to take revenge on others, instead advice to forgive others regardless of the harm done by others.  If the psychology behind the act of forgiveness is understood then it will be easy to forgive others, otherwise there will be a grudge in our heart about the harm done to us by others.

Forgiveness is forgetting.  It is forgetting the person who has done us harm.  When we hold resentment against someone, it becomes a very strong negative emotional link with that person and we are bound by that link.  We are linked with that person who has done us harm.  The negative bondage becomes stronger when we repeatedly think about the harmful action done to us.  This link does more harm than physically experiencing that harmful action.  When we are linked to any person, the mental vibrations of that person will affect us.  If it is a negative link, then the vibrations will affect us in the negative way.  This negative link will not make us free from the entanglement.  Instead, when we forgive(forget) that person along with the negative action, then the link with that person is mutilated from our side, so that their negative vibrations will not affect us.  Even if the other person sends strong negative vibrations towards us, our strong positive mentality will not receive it.  Our strong mentality will act as a shield towards others negative reactions.  Actually forgiving means, we are making our own mind free from the disturbances of that incident and emerging out from the pain and hurt caused by others.  When we understand a person’s perspective, we have to detach from that person mentally without blaming anyone, because blaming is another negative link.

Taking revenge is not an appropriate reaction.  In the first place, our mind will be badly affected by such actions.  Secondly, the precious time of our life should not be wasted in thinking harm to others.  It will reduce our time to improve ourselves.

In my view, when we have a strong powerful feeling about ourselves like ‘ I am a powerful being and nothing negative can affect me’, then our own thoughts will protect us.  In case, when we are physically disturbed, we must take appropriate actions without holding any grudge for that person.  We must be able to shift thoughts before the negative emotions go deep into our mind.  Mental pain is the cruelest than the physical pain.  Instead of getting stagnated in the negative thoughts, shifting thoughts will help a person to come out of the mental hurt and pain.  The mind must always remain in the positive aspects of life else it will become weak.  A weak mind can be easily influenced and affected.

If someone else holds resentment towards us, we need not be bothered about it, because it is their problem.  We must stop penetrating in others mind else their negative reactions will affect us badly.  Unnecessary calculations and assumptions will affect our mind and reduces its capacity.  We have no accessibility to control others mind so it is better to control our own mind from being affected by any negative advances.  We must cultivate the habit of forgiveness else depression will affect our life very badly.