Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1



The ancient system of education in India, was very famous for its unique way of functioning.  It is called “Guru Sishya Parampara”, where a single Guru(teacher) used to train many sishyas(students) in a most organised and disciplined way.  Each sishya is considered as a child of the Guru. A Guru used to train a sishya in many subjects, and the sishya stays with the Guru for many years, to get trained.  The Gurukulam was considered as a very holy and divine place.  A sishya who completed the education  will be extremely talented, cultured and civilized.   Slowly the ancient system of training faded away, because it did not suit the modern time.

 The idea of the modern system of education was introduced by Lord Macaulay.  This is known as the English system of education.  In 1935, Lord Macaulay started the English system of education, for the purpose of anglicising  the Indians, and training them to occupy for the posts in the British administration.  With this the educational system in India took a turn.  The new system of education was more convenient and many Indians were attracted by the foreign way of education.  Almost all the people who were educated, managed to find a decent job.  As time passed, many changes were made in the educational system.  The educated received world wide recognition.   Gradually, education system was adjusted to meet the new challenges in respect of  interest, needs, and aspirations of students and society, from time to time.  Education which was meant to mould a person in all aspects(physical, intellectual, mental, emotional and social) lost its nature.  Education system targeted the competitive world.  Students became highly educated and very talented in their chosen profession.  Education gave them material comforts, but emotionally they were very weak.  How can a good career and money, help anyone when they are emotionally weak?  Unfortunately, the most educated are the most suffering people.  They suffer from various depressions and find hard to adjust with life.  The personal life of many career oriented people are shattered.  If this trend goes on, in a few years, many will find it impossible to balance personal life and career.

 In my view, a student should be trained to respect human values, else intellect will be developed without culture, which will not make a person a good human being.  It is common to find arrogant behaviour among educated people.  A person instead of becoming more humble and gentle by education, is becoming more arrogant.  This will degrade a person’s education as well as his personal value.  Life is a combination of many aspects.  A career or money alone cannot make life.  The other dimensions of life are ignored.  Basically, a person is respected for his attitude towards others.  Education should make a person civilized, else there will be no respect for the education, or the educated people. A person himself or the family should take care to mould a person as a good human and a successful professional.