Advaitam and Science

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1


                                                            DISAPPOINTMENT AND FRUSTRATION


Disappointment and frustration are very common mental disturbances in people of modern times.  Sometimes it causes emotional outbursts, which spoils the peaceful atmosphere.  When disappointment mounts up, frustration will follow.  It is impossible to overcome this mental state   unless we work on it.

Spirituality helps to analyze the causes for this common mental disturbance.  One of the reasons is, we often imagine that hard times are permanent forgetting the fact that life itself is a string of unsettled moments.  We are so scared that bad times will leave a scar on our life.  We have to remember that no situation is permanent and any situation can affect the life depending on the manner we deal with it.  Time will automatically change the situation even though no effort is made to change the situation.  Without understanding this we get frustrated by failures and sometimes disturb others also.  A ray of hope that the situation will pass on after a period of time will give the mind a tremendous strength.  Any bad moment or situation before it leaves us will definitely leave a rope for us to climb up to design our own destiny.  A frustrated mind can never view the path clearly.  It is immature to get frustrated and disappointed at the time when our success is covered by dark clouds.

Sometimes, we experience success eluding our hands, which causes more disappointment and frustration.  No individual will have a life full success or life full of failures.  A mature mind will accept the change of time, and persists on doing the duties without getting disappointed or frustrated.  A calm mind knows the art of dealing with problems, and this reduces the chance of our life being affected by the problems.  A frustrated mind wavers like a boat struck in storm and becomes an abject of others crude criticism and hurting remarks.

Another reason for disappointment and frustration is, we expect others to behave in the way we decide.  We always try to fit others in our frame.  When others refuse to be exploited by us, we feel disappointed.  This behavior of us controls the other person’s freedom of thought.  We can never control the freedom of the other mind.  A mature mind will never indulge in controlling the situations or other persons.  We have to control our own mind.

In my view, till we emerge out of the trying situation we can avoid building a thought cocoon about our own inability and weakness.  There is not a single person in this world without weakness or inability to perform some action or other.  When we project our own weakness, the world will find no time to cover us with their remarks.  Then it will be more difficult for us to come out of our own thought cocoon and emerge out without getting affected.  The mind that always thinks about negative aspects, doubts and weakness gets disappointed and frustrated easily.  Spiritual path gives strength to the mind and lifts us from the bad times without getting affected.  It is important to respect the society and the situation we live in, but it is not necessary to yield to the pressure of any person.  A strong mind is always respected and appreciated.